A Blessing for your skin 

Best Natural Serum Locherber

Your skin need Serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, Lochember Serum are non-greasy finish and intensive formula with a very high concentration of active natural substances.

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Regenerating, exfoliating, removes dead cells and impurities.
The name might rather sound complicated: Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids, but the AHA are natural skin protectants, derived from fruit-based plants. AHA Acids are beneficial because they stimulate cell regeneration, by lightly removing the top layer of skin cell. They speed away dead cells, dirt and impurities, polishing the skin, leaving it thoroughly clean, brighter, softer and shine-free. This emulsion helps combat external aggressions and improves skin's elasticity, texture and colour.
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Green Caviar Intensive Serum is the best Intensive serum treatment with high concentration of active plants.
The Green Caviar Intensive Serum is enriched with a precious seaweed (Caulerpa Lentillifera), it blends gently into the skin to promote natural cell renewal process and to combat the signs of ageing. A lifting effect for a young and flawless complexion.
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B.T.Y Intensive Repulping Serum pH 6 is an Intensive hydrotensor reduces expression lines
A revolutionary anti-ageing plant complex for amazing results. Thanks to this Argeline® patented bio-technological complex, this Intensive hydrotensor B.T.Y serum is designed to neutralize the skin’s micro-tensions responsible for wrinkles and expression lines without having to resort to micro-injections. It reinforces the elasticity of the skin making it appear smoother, more supple and toned from the first application. The existing lines and wrinkles will visibly smooth away.
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Contrast the first signs of ageing
Intensive serum with special action to moisturizing, performing and revitalising the connective tissues; its active ingredients help contrast the first signs of ageing, thus leaving your skin luminous and firm.HOW TO USE: Apply a few drops of this serum with fingertips and spread over cleansed face and neck.

CONTAINS: Colloidal gold, plant extracts.

Parabens free

Not tested on animals

Nickel tested

Dermatological tested
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Hydrating and brightening serum for tired and dull skin.

This Firming Serum is ideal as a specific, intensive treatment to firm and smooth face and neck skin tissues and defend the skin from attack by external agents and free radicals. A valid energy booster for skin cell growth, it contains the three essential Vitamins for skin care (Vitamin A, E, D) and extract of Echinacea that possesses smoothing, firming and anti-wrinkle properties. It is recommended for treating dry, dull, lacklustre skin, because it activates the regenerative mechanisms of the tissues