Sanotint Natural Shampoos


With our line of Sanotint natural shampoo you can find the type of shampoo that your hair needs. Shampos: Colorcare, Damaged Hair , Frequent Wash, Baby, Revitalizing , Dry Hair, Greasy Hair, Anti-Dandruff, Normal Hair

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Silver Shampoo
SANOTINT Blond & Grey Hair Shampoo, 200ml
For  gray and bleached  hair
guarantee gentle cleaning, a soft hair feel, shine, and suppleness


This special shampoo eliminates unwanted yellow tones in blond, bleached, white, and gray hairWhite or white-blonde hair shines with a subtle silver sheen.
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colourcare shampoo ph 5-5, available soon

 Designed for treated and colored hair

Color Care Shampoo Derivates of Guar gum and Bamboo extract guarantee recovery of the ideal level of hydration of the hair. Coloured hair requires delicate, non-aggressive treatment that at the same time keeps the colour bright

The well-known antioxidant properties of Vitamin E fight the dryness that is typical of treated hair, restoring softness and shine, while the nutritive, hydrating action of natural Millet extract give the hair a healthier, glossier look.


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Shampoo Damaged Hair ph5 - 5.5 ideal for coloured, damaged and/or permed hair regenerates and reinforces the hair, guaranteeing total scalp protection. 

The nutritive, softening and balsamic properties of natural extracts of Camomile and Lime tree recapture the natural softness and brightness of the hair.

Thanks to the highly soothing properties of Passionflower, Yarrow and Helichrysum and the nutritive, softening action of Millet extracts, the product improves the look of the hair, leaving it soft, regenerated and full of body.

200 ml

Shampoo Frequent Wash ph 5.5 - 6

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Shampoo Frequent Wash ph 5.5 - 6  is ideal for sports enthusiasts and for those who need to wash their hair every day.

Shampoo Frequent Wash ph 5.5 - 6  contains balsamic, antiseptic and toning properties of natural Orange extracts ensure total scalp protection. Millet and Grapefruit extracts give the hair a healthy, shiny look while guaranteeing delicate, deep cleansing of the scalp without causing hydrolipidic imbalance.

Very delicate formula, suitable for all hair types, to give strength, health and vitality to the hair structure while keeping the natural hydro-lipid protective coating intact.


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Shampoo Antidandruff  ph 5.5 - 6 is a special shampoo is particularly indicated for hair with dandruff, which requires thorough cleansing.

It gets rid of dandruff and prevents its return without altering the natural balance of the scalp. Eases skin itching. Encourages normal and healthy hair growth.

Shampoo Greasy Hair with Natural extract of Millet nourishes the hair, giving it a healthy, glossy look.

Shampoo Greasy Hair  has anti-inflammatory, astringent and regenerating properties of natural extracts of Dragon tree in this shampoo ensure deep cleansing of the scalp and perform normalizing action on sebum distribution.

Natural extracts of Witchhazel, Sand Plantain and Camomile guarantee protective, softening and purifying action, while the antiseptic and toning properties of natural extracts of St.John’s Wort and Horse Chestnut help to stimulate the microcirculation.

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Shampoo Dry Hair ph 5.5 - 6 use  certain hydrating substances allows full recovery of the hydrolipidic film of both the hair and scalp

Shampoo for Dry Hair uses natural extracts of Burdock, Rose-lace, Rose and Sand Plantain in this shampoo perform nutritive, protective, soothing and softening actions. Natural extracts of Lavender and Artichoke help to improve scalp circulation, increasing the supply of nutritive substances such as vitamin-rich extracts of Dandelion. The nutritive and hydrating properties of natural extract of Millet give a healthy, glossy look to the hair.

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Shampoo Normal Hair ph 5.5 - 6 is Ideal  for maintaining tone and glossiness of hair.

Shampoo Normal Hair ph 5.5 - 6  use of hydrating ingredients including Millet, this shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair while fully respecting the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp, leaving the hair clean, soft and glossy.

While the natural extracts of Mallow, Marshmallow and Sand Plantain guarantee protective, softening and balsamic actions, those of Field horsetail possess elasticising, sebostatic and demineralising properties and those of Fenugreek present elevated toning and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Baby Shampoo ph 6.5 - 7 This delicate shampoo is ideal for children’s hair. Its formula is based on natural Palm oil derivates with wild Pansy, remarkable for its action against babies’ milk crust, and this synergy guarantees delicate, complete cleansing while maintaining the hydrolipidic balance.
Baby Shampoo ph 6.5 - 7 with natural extract of Almond, with its softening, balsamic properties, and natural extract of Millet, which nourishes and hydrates, the hair is clean, soft and shiny. The product does not cause discomfort even if it comes into contact with the eyes.
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Revitalizing Shampoo ph 5.4 - 5.7 with Golden Millet and Panthenol acts specifically on all hair types giving new strength and vitality to fragile, dull hair that, weakened by external aggression, is likely to be lost. Natural extracts of Camomile, Yarrow and Lime tree guarantee deep, non-aggressive scalp cleansing, while Millet extract nourishes and hydrates the hair.
Revitalizing Shampoo ph 5.4 - 5.7 is a synergic astringent and antiseptic action of Passionflower and St. John’s Wort soothe possible irritation. The hair will be visibly stronger, healthier and more vital immediately after the first washes.200 ml