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One Year Totaly Cover by Sanotint

You can have one year totally free of hair dye. If you send a video with your testimony with Sanotint or Loquerber we will send you 12 hair dyes at your choice.

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Registered members will receive 5% base price reduction. This discount will be increase in some occasions.

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2). Refer La Vita Nuova Natural Permanent Hair Dye and Natural hair care products to your friends

If you refer La Vita Nuova's products to a friend you will receive a free SANOTINT natural hair care product or natural hair dye of your choice on their first purchase. We will also give to your friend, a free Sanotint natural product on their first purchase.

All you need to do is, write your friends name in your order in the comment section and the Sanotint product that you want.  For every new friend that buys, you will receive a free product on your next purchase.

3). Buy Each Months The best Natural Hair Dye for your family and friends and RECEIVE 30% OFF.

If you have family and friends, and you want to reduce their risk to allergies, scalp irritation and cancer, buy the best Natural Hair Dye for them and RECEIVE 30% OFF. This savings applies to a minimum order of 10 boxes of hair dye. This discount will be APPLIED  EVERY MONTH that you order 10 or more, by writing a note on your order, and state that you are buying to share. THIS SAVING DOES NOT APPLY WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS. You will see the savings on your payment receipt that will be sent to you after you place your order, do not worry if you pay with PayPal you will receive a refund.


La Vita Nuova Inc, does offer wholesaler pricing for the SANOTINT Hair Care line and Locherber Cosmetics.  therefore the wholesale pricing for you would be $10.80. So your margin of hair dye is 40% at a retail price of $18.00.

In order to receive the wholesale pricing, there is a minimum order quantity monthy of $200.00, which works out to a minimum order of 20 boxes of hair dye.

5) Write your testimony on La Vita Nuova's facebook Page and receive 50% off on your next order.

6. Intruduce your Natural Hair dye Sanotint to your Salon store or any business  In North America and receive one year free of Sanotint Hair dye.

You will receive 20 boxes of Natural Hair dye Sanotint that  will cover you for one year. You will receive the products when  the salon , store or any business start to buy our Natural hair dye.   The process begings sending to us by email  the contact name, email and bussines name.