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Day and Night Cream Sensitive Skin

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Day and Night Cream Sensitive Skin - Couperose 24 hours Cream pH 6.1 is a

Sunlight, changes in temperature, overheated environments, air conditioning and air pollution are the main enemies and primary causes of this anti-aesthetic condition, particularly when the skin is sensitive, thin, pale and delicate with Couperose. The applied cream creates a protective barrier that reinforces the skin’s defences during the day, regenerating skin’s self-defense during the nightly rest. The various plant extracts work in synergy, stimulating the peripheral microcirculation of the capillaries, increasing their resistance to external attack.

Sensitive skin with couperose requires specific treatments: protection from daily external aggressions, strengthening of natural defence systems (peripheral capillaries) overnight. The balanced formulation of this non-greasy cream absorbs easily meaning that you only have to use one single product over 24 hours.  It is able to meet the demands of delicate and sensitive skin. The various natural extracts of Horse Chesunt, Mallow and essential oils act in synergy to stimulate peripheral microcirculation of the capillaries, by increasing their resistance to give healthy, hydrated and even skin tone.




Lightly massage a small amount onto cleansed skin morning and night until it is completely absorbed. The white residue from the cream is due to the natural ingredients in the product. 




50 ml glass jar in box