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Reduces swelling and dark shadows, by toning the skin around the eyes.

Care your hands feet and legs with the best natural cream
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Reduces swelling and dark shadows, by toning the skin around the eyes.

Essential eye gel is refreshing thanks to its active ingredients. It improves circulation and drainage, is intensely moisturizing, combats the effects of emotional stress and eliminates pigment deposits that are responsible for the increase in dark colour.

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Special treatment for the delicate area around the eyes

The delicate consistency of the eyelids requires special care, a light and instant touch that moisturizes and smoothes the small wrinkles. The eyelids are an extremely important feature of the charm and freshness of your look.

From the very first applications, this special cream helps rediscover tone and hydration, giving you smooth, soft skin ready to face the stress of another day.

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Green Caviar Eye Recovery Cream

Extraordinary anti-ageing treatment

Green Caviar Eye Recovery cream is a multifunctional treatment that offerts global solution to the eye contour area,

The Locherber Green Caviar Eye Recovery Cream is the result of the extract of a plant called botanical caviar and vegetal stem cells obtained through a bio-technological process that contributes to reenergize the delicate eye contour area improving its tone and texture and attenuating signs due to stress and tiredness.

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Gives immediate wellbeing and protection to your hands, even for very dry and chapped hands.

Hands are a very important part of the body because, as they move, caress or work, they reveal our age. They therefore deserve continuous, delicate care as an essential part of any beauty regime.

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Provides immediate relief to swollen and tired feet.

Formulated with softening, nourishing, anti-perspirant and deodorant ingredients, this cream ensures immediate, refreshing relief for tired and swollen feet. It makes the skin of the feet smoother, softer and more toned.

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Instant energy for your legs.

This remarkable gel instantly relieves tiredness and swelling in the legs, encouraging the microcirculation of the skin, thanks to the combination of natural ingredients. It provides instant energy for your legs.

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A unique product from Switzerland. This special naturally acidic soap (pH 5,5) obtained from milk serum delicately yet deeply cleanses the skin, stimulating, hydrating and protecting it. In this way the skin refines its original equilibrium and the sebaceous layer remains intact. Ideal therefore for delicate, sensitive or irritated skin. Does not cause irritations or allergic reactions. Also recommended for skin cleansing in the presence of skin disorders. Do not leave the soap immersed in water and store it on a soap dish

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Last generation sun cream, recommended for very light sensitive skins or over-reactive skins or over-reactive skins and in cases of intensive sun at the seaside or in the mountains.

Soft and gentle texture a good feeling on your skin

The derivates from Rice and Pomegranate support a mosturizing and efficient anti-oxidative action to the sking.

A blend of UVB and UVA sun filtres, help to prevent damages causes by penetrating and harmful radiations.

75 ml

Recommended for sensitive and fair skin for the first exposures to the sun.
The derivates from Rice and Pomegranate support a moisturizing and efficient anti-oxidative action to the skin.

A blend of UVB and UVA sun filters, help to prevent damages causes by penetrating and harmful radiations.

100 ml
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Perfect after sun and for minor burns.


This cream with its natural ingredients is helpful for skin that has been parched from intensive sun exposure or UVA lamps or reddened due to contact with intense heat. Thanks to its plant extracts and refreshing and healing properties, this product provides immediate relief preventing the development of further negatives effects of burns. Restores moisture and soothes redness. Perfect as aftersun treatment. Its ingredients are also well-known for relieving pain from insect bites.
75 ml.

This special formula helps replenish skin's natural protective function and repair the visible signs of ageing.
It neutralizes environmentally generated free radicals that can damage the skin appearance. It delivers a protective barrier to the skin without blocking the pores. It is insurance for a younger and healthy-looking skin. It can be recommended as an ideal day cream during periods of stress, travel or sports activity. Perfect for day use.